1-Year-Old Toddler Heals Headache

My wife was sitting at the table. I was on the other side of the room on the couch. She said, “Will you come rub my neck? I have a headache.” As I put down my laptop and began standing up, our 1-year-old blurted out, “Dear God, please heal Mommy’s headache. Amen!” Immediately, her headache … Read more

God Healed My Migraines

I have struggled with migraines for years. Nearly every other day my head and neck would be in horrible pain. Everything was difficult, and I just felt wiped out. On the first day of church with Trailblazers, I was asked if I wanted prayer for anything. I said yes, I want God to heal my … Read more

God Believes in You

We believe our God and King, Jesus Christ, is very interested in getting to know you. He believes you have tremendous potential for His kingdom. He knows and understands all you have gone through, and He wants you to know that He loves you immensely. He has an incredible destiny planned specifically for you, and … Read more

How We Do Church at Vineyard Trailblazers

We believe that church is for God first: we gather to worship Jesus together. Second, church is for active Christians to celebrate what Jesus has done for them. We expect God to be there, and our weekly church services are the primary time for Christians to experience God together, not focusing on evangelistic messages or … Read more

Pray for Churches in State College, PA

At Vineyard Trailblazers, we believe that the Church should be united. Peter writes, “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble” (1 Peter 3:8, NIV). Our mission is to bring the gospel to the whole world, especially State College, PA, and Penn State University. We believe that God … Read more

Healing from Headaches

I had a headache one evening. I had told my husband I was planning to wait up for him to come home from work. I was frustrated because he works nights, and I was getting ready to text him that I would be going to bed early again, instead. Finally I thought, “This is stupid. … Read more

Eight Hundred Churches

How many churches do we need? It seems natural to say, “Why do we need another church plant? Aren’t the existing churches good enough?” But when you really think about it, something surprising happens. A pastor not only preaches on Sunday but also engages with his or her congregation, disciples people one-on-one, runs events, gathers … Read more

Your Big Dreams Are Too Small

We have been raised in a culture that encourages us to dream big. “Follow your dreams!” “You can do anything!” “Be who you want to be!” Many of us have spent our lives chasing dreams, and some of us have achieved them. Our whole nation once idealized “the American dream,” and such dreams have brought … Read more

God Loved First

God Loved First In preparing to send out our first prayer letter, we were praying for messages from God for each and every recipient. At first, I was looking at the recipients’ names and praying for them, but soon I tried something different: I started praying for a word before I looked at who it … Read more