What Happened in the Garden?

What Happened in the Garden? The first sin, the fall of man, the Curse, death, and separation from God: The Bible, Genesis 3 Last time, in the story of Creation, God created the whole universe and everything in it, and the pinnacle of His Creation was us!—human beings! God formed the first man, Adam, from … Read more

The Story of Creation

The Story of Creation The origin of the universe and the earth from the Bible, Genesis 1-2 I invite you to join me in looking back long, long ago, way back in the beginning, before the Earth was formed, before the universe came into existence, before time itself, as we know it, began. There, at … Read more

Identity in Christ: Find Your Purpose

When I was praying earlier last week, God began to deposit this concept into my mind. You can split up this topic of identity into three components: You are saved and loved by Jesus, therefore no longer going to hell No longer a sinner, but saved You have the Holy Spirit, which means you are … Read more

Give Up Everything to Follow Jesus (Luke 18)

Read: Luke 18:1-43 I noticed a theme in these passages: those who make the right decision are those who are willing to give up everything to follow Jesus, and those who make the wrong decision are those who are still hanging on to something that is preventing them from following Jesus. Verse eight implies that, … Read more

God Loves Cats

I was walking my dog downtown, and he went up to try and sniff someone. I asked him to sit, and then told the girl that she could pet him. I asked her if she wanted prayer for anything. She said I could pray for her family, so I did. I asked her if she … Read more

Who You Really Are (Romans 8:1-11)

When I was a kid, I felt really insecure about myself. I performed very well academically, mainly because I was trying to impress my teachers and receive verbal praise from them, especially my male teachers. I lived off of their encouragement because I had no father figure at home who encouraged me. For a long … Read more